Rooftop Package Unit
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Rooftop Package Unit

ECOAIR high quality rooftop package unit adopts direct expansion high-efficiency circulation system that directly exchanges heat between refrigerant and air, with low loss and multi-level energy regulation. Single cooling, cooling and heating, humidification, dehumidification, and purification etc functions can be selected according to user needs and working conditions.

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Product Description

Rooftop package units are widely used in various of large-space commercial buildings and industrial plants. It's air-air system and easy to install, suitable for water-shortage areas. It can be installed on the roof or outdoor space without machine rooms, cooling towers, water pumps and other ancillary equipment, and is simple to maintain. The rooftop package unit has complete intelligent control, adopts internationally accepted MODBUS communication protocol, and come with RS-485 interface. Multiple machines can be networked and can communicate remotely.

Structural Features:

Cabinet/Enclosure: Protects internal components from weather conditions.

Insulation: Minimizes heat gain or loss within the unit.

Weatherproofing: Designed to withstand outdoor elements.

Installation and Accessibility:

Roof Mounting Kit: Allows secure installation on the building's roof.

Service Access Panels: Provide easy access for maintenance and repairs.

Energy Efficiency:

Energy-Efficient Components: Some units may include energy-efficient features to reduce operational costs.

Variable Speed Fans: Adjust fan speed based on demand.

Size and Capacity:

Capacity Rating (Tonnage): Indicates the unit's cooling or heating capacity.

Optional Features:

Humidity Control: Some units have features to control indoor humidity.

Zoning Options: Ability to control different zones independently.

Rooftop package units offer advantages such as space-saving, easy installation, and centralized control. However, their suitability depends on factors like building size, climate, and specific HVAC requirements. Professional HVAC contractors typically assess these factors to determine the appropriate unit for a particular building.

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