Grain Storage Air Conditioner
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Grain Storage Air Conditioner

ECOAIR's durable grain storage air conditioner can be either package or split type. They are suitable for various sizes of granaries. They can cool down the grain pile, control the grain surface temperature, and have an ultra-long air supply distance. It can achieve ventilation and cooling of grain skin. It can be turned on during fumigation, and has the function of preventing phosphine corrosion.

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Product Description

The grain storage air conditioner has complete intelligent control, adopts internationally accepted MODBUS communication protocol, and has RS-485 interface. Multiple units can be networked and communicate remotely.

Grain cooling systems or aeration systems in grain storage are essential for maintaining the quality of stored grains by managing temperature and humidity. These systems help prevent moisture buildup, control temperature, and inhibit the growth of mold and insects, ensuring the longevity and quality of the stored grains.

Air cooling system, simple system design and convenient installation.

Branded components, reliable system, low noise and high energy efficiency.

The host can be put on the roof without a separate room, which saves installation space.

Either fresh air or return air working conditions to meet indoor air quality needs.

Indoor unit adopts double-skin panels, with beautiful appearance and good sound and heat insulation performance.

Meet customers' various non-standard customization needs.

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