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VRF Split Unit

The ECOAIR high quality VRF Split Unit (Variable Refrigerant Flow Split Unit) has a wide range of applications and has the functions of cooling and heating. It can also be combined in a modular manner, with simple installation and low maintenance costs. It needs to be installed in an open and ventilated place to meet the cooling and heating needs of most places.

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Product Description

The ECOAIR's VRF Split Unit equipment has complete intelligent control, adopts internationally accepted MODBUS communication protocol, and has RS-485 interface. Multiple units can be networked and communicate remotely.

Looking for an advanced air conditioning system that can seamlessly adapt to your changing indoor needs? Look no further than our VRF split unit – a versatile solution that combines the flexibility of a split system with the efficiency and performance of a VRF system.

With our VRF split unit, you'll enjoy superior indoor comfort, efficiency, and control. From office buildings to hotels, hospitals, and residential complexes, our VRF split unit is an ideal choice for any application that requires flexible zoning, precise temperature control, and easy installation.

What sets our VRF split unit apart from other air conditioning systems in the market is its advanced features and technology. It is designed to enable simultaneous heating and cooling within different zones, meaning it can maintain different temperature settings in different rooms, depending on the occupants' needs.

Moreover, our VRF split unit features state-of-the-art inverter compressors that adjust the cooling and heating capacity based on the room's demand. This not only reduces energy consumption but provides consistent temperature control that maximizes comfort.

Another benefit of our VRF split unit is its easy installation process. With minimal piping requirements, our VRF split unit can be installed quickly and affordably, making it an ideal choice for new buildings and renovations alike.

In conclusion, our VRF split unit is the ultimate solution for anyone looking for an efficient, flexible, and reliable air conditioning system. With its advanced technology, versatile zoning options, and easy installation, it's the perfect choice for a wide range of commercial and residential applications. Contact us today to learn more about how our VRF split unit can meet your specific indoor climate control needs.

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