Large Duct Split Unit
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Large Duct Split Unit

The Large Duct Split Unit from ECOAIR manufacturers can be divided into high static pressure, medium static pressure and low static pressure according to the air supply distance. It can be used for houses, supermarkets, banquet halls, conference rooms, hotels, factories and others. It is easy to install and maintain. Therein, high static pressure units can be equipped with humidification, dehumidification, purification and other functions as options.

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Product Description

Efficient Cooling and Heating:

Our Large Duct Split Unit ensures a comfortable indoor climate all year round, thanks to its powerful cooling and heating features. Its airflow capacity can be up to 12,000 CFM, making it perfect for large commercial spaces.

Advanced Control:

With our Large Duct Split Unit, you can enjoy advanced control features that enable you to adjust the temperature, fan speed, and airflow direction to your desired comfort. You can use the remote controller to monitor and control the unit from across the room.

Easy Installation:

Installing this split unit is quick and easy, and its compact design means it will fit perfectly into any space. Professional installation team will ensure a hassle-free installation process so you can focus on what matters - enjoying the cool or warm air.

Low Noise and Energy Efficient:

Our Large Duct Split Unit is designed with low noise and energy-efficient features, making it a perfect choice for large offices, conference halls, schools, and other commercial spaces. It has a SEER rating of up to 14.5, which means it is much more cost-effective compared to other HVAC systems.

Durable and Reliable:

We understand the importance of durability when it comes to commercial HVAC systems, and that's why our Large Duct Split Unit is built with high-quality components that ensure long-lasting reliability. You can rest assured that this unit will serve you well for years to come, providing you with the perfect indoor climate.

In conclusion, our Large Duct Split Unit provides an ideal solution for commercial spaces that require a powerful and effective HVAC system. With its energy-efficient features, advanced control settings, low noise, and easy installation, this split unit is the ultimate choice for all your commercial cooling and heating needs.

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