Split Water Cooled Package Unit

Split Water Cooled Package Unit

Ningbo Ecoair Environmental Technology Co., Ltd is a professional China split water cooled package unit manufacturer and supplier, if you are looking for the split water cooled package unit with low price, consult us now!

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Product Description

Split Water Cooled Package Unit is a new generation of highly efficient and energy-saving product newly developed by Ecoair. Installing the unit indoors can reduce the impact on the environment. At the same time, the number of units can be flexibly increased according to changes in area, effectively improving the user's capital utilization. Indoor and outdoor units are installed separately to reduce indoor noise, and indoor ceiling installation takes up less space. Beautiful and elegant, it is widely used in villas, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, business buildings and other places.

Split Water Cooled Package Unit Features

Highly efficient and energy-saving, air conditioning units are arranged in each use unit, and there is almost no energy loss. The energy efficiency ratio of the air conditioner is as high as 3.5~5.5 (EER is as high as 3.5~5.5).

With intelligent control, each unit in the system is independent of each other and can cool and heat at the same time. Failure of a single unit will not affect the operation of other unit units, making the system highly reliable.

Easy to install, the host can be installed in the corridor or on the ceiling or compartment of the room. It avoids the sun and rain when installed on the exterior wall and the impact on the beauty and safety of the building.


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