Renovation EC Fan Wall
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Renovation EC Fan Wall

Ningbo Ecoair Environmental Technology Co., Ltd is a professional central air-conditioning manufacturer in China. You and your family deserve a comfortable, healthy indoor environment. Renovation EC Fan Wall is an energy-efficient product with a modular design that meets the needs of transportation and modern data center construction. In-depth CFD simulation analysis optimizes airflow organization, reduces internal airflow pressure drop, and reduces fan power consumption. At the same time, the large surface of the fin heat exchanger minimizes the approach temperature between the inlet air and outlet water, maximizing system efficiency.

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Product Description

Renovation EC Fan Wall

Ningbo Ecoair Environmental Technology Co., Ltd's energy-saving fan walls are easy to install and can quickly improve your indoor air quality. You can enjoy the benefits immediately without extensive remodeling. Features of this product include:

1. Low risk of failure

The system is simple and can still provide partial cooling when some components fail, ensuring more reliable operation of the unit. With the minimal design of the system, the risk of unit failure is extremely low.

2. Energy saving and high efficiency

Reasonable product layout, larger ventilation area, in-depth CFD simulation and pursuit of optimal air flow organization, equipped with EC fans, higher efficiency, AER<0.2.

3. Easy maintenance

The wind wall is designed with a single-sided maintenance channel, which can easily maintain all components on one side.

Operation and maintenance are convenient.


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