Marine Fan Coil Unit

Marine Fan Coil Unit

Ningbo Ecoair Environmental Technology Co., Ltd has been deeply rooted in the marine air conditioning industry for many years. It has dedicated model matching for fan coil units of marine living area air conditioners, providing high anti-corrosion, high performance, flexible design, and AC/EC fan selection. Configuration, control options and more to deliver superior performance and indoor air quality. You can rest assured to buy Marine Fan Coil Unit from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

Marine Fan Coil Unit

The Marine Fan Coil Unit can provide efficient heating and cooling switching functions to keep the indoor temperature within a comfortable or specified temperature range. Supplying chilled water to the equipment in summer can achieve cooling and cooling, while providing hot water to the equipment in winter can achieve heating and warming. According to different structural design requirements, the appearance of the unit can be changed, and it can be hidden, exposed, or vertically installed, etc.

Marine Fan Coil Unit product features:

High anti-corrosion: using 316L stainless steel shell;

Intelligent: The thermostat can be analog, digital display or programmable; unit installed or remotely installed. The control device can be connected to the building automation system or run independently;

Low noise: adopt high energy efficiency and low noise EC fan;

We firmly believe that perseverance is the key to the success of an enterprise. Continuous satisfaction of the needs of consumers is the basis for the survival of an enterprise, and products quality is the life of an enterprise. In recent years, the factory has won the sincere love of customers by relying on its sincere reputation, professional and enthusiastic service to convey the three excellent standard services of high quality materials, preferential prices and excellent service to our customers.


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