High Wall Mounted Type Fan Coil Unit

High Wall Mounted Type Fan Coil Unit

Ningbo Ecoair Environmental Technology Co., Ltd specializes in the development of wall-mounted fan coil units. The shaft is tempered and hard chromium treated so that the shaft does not deform and has a long service life. The water collecting head is forged from brass to distribute the water flow. The uniform and smooth High Wall Mounted Type Fan Coil Unit is designed to be small in size, occupy less space, light in weight, high in strength, and easy to arrange.

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Product Description

High Wall Mounted Type Fan Coil Unit

High Wall Mounted Type Fan Coil Unit In order to solve the shortcomings of wall-mounted units for heating in winter and easy deformation of the wind wheel, Ecoair cooperated with scientific research institutions to develop aluminum alloy metal cross-flow fan blades that can operate at high temperatures, thereby solving the problem of heating in winter. solve the problem and extend the service life of the fan. It automatically turns on and off according to the designed room temperature, giving you a quiet and comfortable working and production environment.

High Wall Mounted Type Fan Coil Unit product features:

The appearance is made of ABS plastic shell, which is light and beautiful. It is equipped with specially selected sound-absorbing and thermal insulation materials to prevent condensation.

The heat exchanger uses the best seamless copper tubes and hydrophilic aluminum louver-type cooling fins, which has good heat transfer effect.

The water collection head is forged from brass to ensure even and smooth water distribution.

The fan motor is a special motor developed and produced with new technology, which has good air supply effect and low noise.


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